Xpand Original No Tie Elastic Shoelaces for School Shoes


Xpand Laces

Get moving faster and more comfortably with Xpand elastic shoelaces! Replace standard shoestrings with our elastic, zero-memory laces, and leave the days of tying and re-tying your school shoes behind. Perfect for keeping your school shoes neat and tied up. Once you install Xpand Original No Tie Elastic shoelaces, there is no need to adjust them further — unless you want to.  You will have full control of how loose or tight you would like your shoes to fit while having the convenience of slip on/off.

One size fits all

One size fits all

Xpand elastic laces work wherever shoes require normal shoe strings, and they fit any size shoe — for adults and kids. Slide shoes on and off easily, with no need for continued adjustment, and no tying necessary. Try our shoelaces once and we think you’ll agree that you’ll never tie your shoes the same way again!

Street to studio

Go from street to studio & back again effortlessly

Once you install Xpand laces, you’ll never want to tie your shoes again. Try a pair yourself and see why our customers rave about us!  Best of all, buying our shoelaces is risk-free, because they come with a 100% money-back guarantee!

In the box

You’ll get:

  • Your choice of tying style. Go with Stealth Mode for a seamless look leaving no hardware visible — it’s the perfect way to wear your casual shoes. Want the option to adjust on the go? You can opt for visible mode utilizing our end clips mounted on the outside.
  • A faster way to get dressed. Want your kids to get ready faster? Try Xpand and make mornings easier. Wish you could just slip your shoes on and go? Xpand is the answer.
  • You’ll get all the hardware you need to install your Xpand® Lacing System – Including of course the laces. Don’t forget to check out our complete collection, which includes dozens of neutral, bold and reflective styles!