Xpand Quick-Release Lacing System


Xpand Quick-Release Elastic Shoe Laces

Get moving faster and more comfortably with Xpand elastic shoelaces! Replace standard shoe laces with our elastic, zero-memory laces, and leave the days of tying and re-tying your shoes behind. Perfect for athletic shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes and boots! Once you install Xpand elastic shoelaces, there is no need to adjust them further — unless you want to.  You will have full control of how loose or tight you would like your shoes to fit while having the convenience of slip on/off.

One Size Fits all - 132cm's long

Xpand Elastic Shoe Laces work wherever shoes require normal shoe laces, and they fit any size shoe — for adults and kids. Slide shoes on and off easily, with no need for continued adjustment, and no tying necessary. Try our shoelaces once and we think you’ll agree that you’ll never tie your shoes the same way again!

Guaranteed Not to Slip

The Xpand Lock holds over 30 pounds (16.5 kg) of pressure, ensuring that your feet are secure in your shoe, even during physical activities. The Xpand Lacing System has been tested to be 4 times stronger than any other clip design.

Quick-Release Locking System

The Xpand Quick-Release Lock is a one piece design that is simple to install and even easier to use. Made with fiber reinforced resin, the patent-pending Quick-Release Lock is nearly indestructible.

In the package

2 elastic laces, 2 Locking Anchors, 2 End Clips

Each pack completes one pair of shoes